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Carolina: Cruising 

to an American Dream


In a little over four years, author Carolina Esguerra Colborn and her husband traveled almost a hundred thousand miles to forty-nine American states, nine Canadian provinces, and six Mexican states. In Carolina: Cruising to an American Dream, she offers fascinating facts about irresistible places, surprising insights about unique encounters, and useful guides borne out of their experience.


A former jet-setting Filipina executive, Carolina also shares her American dream, a story of retirement, immigration, and love. At fifty-five, she immigrated to the United States and four years later became a new bride to an American businessman. Together, they’ve created a bucket list, crisscrossed North America four times, and blogged about a cruising lifestyle.


Carolina: Cruising to an American Dream tells how Carolina discovered America from within the cozy confines of an RV with lessons that came as fast as scenes changed. She not only learned to be a wife without losing her identity, but also to be an American without losing her roots. Most of all, she learned about the beauty of America and her people, past, present, and future.






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By Lily Beth Brazones on Amazon, May 12, 2015

The author offers a unique perspective on exploring the beautiful places and wonderful customs and traditions that are part of this book. Carol incorporates humor and endearing family anecdotes in her writing. It is a thoroughly enjoyable narrative, written by someone who truly appreciates the blessing of living in this great country. When you read through the chapters, it feels like you are right there with Carol as she highlights her experiences with vivid words and descriptions. Well done!


By Anonymous on Barnes and Noble, May 11, 2015

Carolina: Cruising to an American Dream as a travel book is a fitting ode to the RV lifestyle – a lifestyle that few people dare to lead, and a pipe dream for many Americans. It is also a telling of the author’s inner journey. While vicariously navigating from one fascinating place to another, picking up interesting facts about America’s noble past and exciting prospects, readers get a glimpse of how the Colborns transitioned from the driven life to the more laid-back RVing mode. The subplot involving the ups and downs of an interracial marriage seamlessly weaves itself into the chapters and makes this a travel book like no other.


By Bill Pallucca on iUniverse Bookstore, May 9, 2015

Fascinating!!! Esguerra-Colborn shares her experiences--from practical "How-to" advice for living in an RV and getting around the US and parts of Mexico to personal wisdom gained from years on the road with a new husband in her new homeland--with wit, enthusiasm, and candor. A native of the Philippines, the author brings a fresh eye to our big country. She helped me to experience America through a new lens. What a fun adventure!

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TV Interview, "Mornings at ANC"

10:30 am, June 23, 2015

15-minute video with Paolo Abrera, Anchor, Philippine TV News Channel, ABS-DBN

Author Story Podcast

July 8, 2015 8 am, Calgary, Alberta Canada

An interview by Alex Lim of Author Story, podcast of inspiring authors and their books. 

There's Life After Retirement

June 28, 2015

This is the write-up of Marge C. Enriquez on her one-on-one interview of Carolina Esguerra Colborn, featured in the Business Section of the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

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